Saturday, May 9, 2015

New Course: Pre~Sale Release: Light & Dark Femininity

A snippet from the course...

Marilyn informed me that as pleased as she was with her life situation, she came to realize that something was not totally in sync with who she is as a high value and feminine woman.

Yes, she was doing everything dutifully as expected and desired by her as a woman and wife, saying all the right things, showing the correct emotions…and it was at this point that she became aware of what the "something" was that has been making her feel less than complete...

“Instead of achieving "wholeness," she had been striving for perfection and in turn only showing the world her masked persona.”

I understood immediately what Marilyn was telling me.

In order to appear to be the perfect feminine woman, she had been hiding a significant part of the essential core of her personality.

That is, she was showing the world "The Marilyn" that she thought they wanted to see, that she thought they demanded from her, and what she had been taught to display as correct for a proper lady.

She was, in reality, only allowing the "light" Marilyn to be on display publicly ~ and it was only the light Marilyn that she entertained as a feature of herself that she would allow to nourish and grow.

However, Marilyn came to a significant realization about herself that she was struggling to continue to contain, and it was a side to her that felt both natural and "right" to her when she permitted it to surface in the privacy of her own space or with only her closest female alliances.

Although when discussing this "revelation" with me ~ which is one experienced by so many fine feminine ladies regardless of upbringing or current status ~ Marilyn was uncertain as to how to label what she was feeling.

So I enlightened her with what she was presently experiencing…

Marilyn was now beginning to acknowledge and enjoy the "dark" energy of her femininity...

What this course will do for you...

This course came about because of the increasing number of women who have contacted me asking how they can grow their personal feminine essence ~ and how they can build on their relationships with a sense of "completeness" that does not require them to forgo their feminine ways.

This is the light and dark of the feminine energies that you will learn about in this course.

This course will teach you why it is that you should be proud to embrace and let shine your "all" personality ~ and why expressing yourself "wholly" will make you a better person, a more responsive partner, a more giving lover, and a more well-rounded high value woman. 

Table of Contents

                The window to the woman                                                          
          Do not dread the dark                                                                    
Do not deny your dark femininity                                                  
          A great gift for good girls                                                        
Understanding feminine energy                                                  
          More than "a" woman                                                                    
Traits of light feminine energy                                                     
          A beaming energy of beauty                                                        
Traits of dark feminine energy                                                     
          A drop of delightful daring                                                          
The aware and awakened woman                                              
          Compellingly complete                                                                
Benefits of balancing feminine energy                                      
          Primal and powerful personas                                                   
Light and dark feminine relationships                                      
          Bedroom boredom or happy husband                                     
Harnessing the union of light and dark                                     
          The key to your completeness                                                   



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