Sunday, February 8, 2015

New Course: The Stepford Wife Training Manual (Pre~Release Sale)

About this course...

This manual is a training lifeline for the feminine woman who understands the significance and importance of creating and living in a very real bonded relationship ~ compared to simply co~existing in a pretend partnership to which full term commitment is an everyday challenge.

Specifically, this guide is a study for those of you who appreciate the diligence of dedicating yourself completely to your husband. 

It reveals how you can achieve the personal and family rewards that ensue from being a Stepford Wife ~ from your ability to focus on the recognized values of being the traditional wife in your marriage.

Inside, the pages "examine and case study" for you the role of the often publicly misunderstood Stepford Wife ~ a woman of exceedingly high class who trusts her husband completely, and who values and supports unequivocally his role as the leader and alpha partner in the marriage ~ a status which is quintessential to the ordered, disciplined and successful flourishing of her exceptional wife position.

Be prepared...

For many of you, reading along now will only serve to strengthen your resolve that you are meeting your true calling as a loving Stepford Wife to a husband that you truly adore. 

For others, you may find yourselves challenged to reassess your standing in your own relationship, and find that the Stepford Wife way might just be what you have been searching for as a "mend" to any cracks within your personal relationship scenario.

Table of Contents

Familiarity versus family 
Winning as a Stepford Wife 
Correcting the controversy 
The flawed female 
Complementing his control 
The Stepford Wife solution 
Why become a Stepford Wife? 
My case study candidate 
It’s about not missing out 
The Stepford Wife revealed 
The perfect wife 
Mindset of a Stepford Wife 
The Stepford Wife etiquette 
The essential ways of the perfect wife
The submissive Stepford 
Satisfying him sexually 
The path to the perfect life 

Discover "The Stepford Wife Training Manual" for just $17! 


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  1. I was happy to purchase the manual and was just wondering when it might be available :-)

  2. It has been sent to your email, Mrs. J.

    Thank you for your order :)

  3. Melina,

    I have purchased and read The Stepford Wife Training Manual and I think the information you are putting out is amazing! If more women were to follow this path I do believe we would see many positive changes in our society today. I first just wanted to thank you for sharing and inspiring women who want to live differently than the modern woman! I also wanted to ask a little advice for applying these principles to my upcoming situation. I am currently a stay at home wife and my husband, who has recently graduated as a doctor, is about to open his own practice. To save money (and until we have children) he wants for me to work with him in the office doing secretarial duties and other like tasks. We have never worked together before and I was hoping for some advice in this situation to be able to continue applying what I have learned in your posts and courses. Thanks for any consideration about this I would really love to hear your thoughts!!!

  4. I bought the manual. Will it come to my email or be mailed to me?

  5. Bercel, I just sent the invitation to view the course to your Paypal email address.

    I hope you enjoy it! Xx


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