Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Course: How To Be An It Girl (Pre~Sale Release)

About this course

This course focuses on the woman that is the "IT Girl" ~ and on those "just it" qualities that identify her as the woman whom others faithfully follow. 

In this course you will learn the IT Girl secrets and:

How IT Girls manage to stay at the top of their social hierarchy through specific styling and branding.

How they think and what is important to them.

How they use their "X~Factor" presence to keep you in a state of high anticipation of their next engagement, interview or social media comment posting.

By reading and following the precepts of this course, you will have a complete understanding of what it takes to be an IT Girl. 

Not only will you will have an awareness of the "space" that you need to occupy if you are to follow in the footsteps of those who have "made it," but you will also know how to incorporate the IT Girl presence into your own life, so that you can lift your personal standing and appreciation among those with whom you actively and socially engage.  

It is all about the "I"

Being an "IT girl" is all about the "I."

It means popularity in social life and on social media.

It means your name in the paper and your picture in the news~reel. 

It means being the kind of woman to whom love and the most attractive men come ~ and to whom the rise in salary and the successful landing of the prospect come easily. 

Being an IT girl is the the projection of the ego on the rosy mist of dreams.

So come out of your shell, lovely, the whole world is waiting for you!

With the secrets in this course:

The friends you have always wanted to win will be drawn to you (including social celebrities) ~ captivated by your charm.

Business people will be drawn to you and forced to respect you. 

Hundreds of women who have been held back by timidity, self~consciousness and unassertive personalities are discovering the secrets in this course.

What a wonderful thing it is to have hosts of friends, to be welcomed wherever you go, and to be showered with invitations for good times! 

What a priceless asset it is in business life and personal life to be able to win others to you, to have people go out of their way to do you favors, and to be able to inspire confidence, loyalty and enthusiasm! 

With these secrets you no longer have to take a back seat while other women realize their dreams. 

You, too, can be an active, driving and constructive force in business and social life.

How is it that certain women have emerged from obscurity and have become widely known and beloved?

It is through becoming an "IT girl."

The IT girl is the A~lister among other women, the one who has achieved celebrity status because of her prominent and luminary lifestyle. 

She may be recognized for her partying or for her pedigree, or simply because of her fashion sense or for her unconventional yet intoxicating personal style. 

She is the household name of her time, and very often receives public and media attention for reasons unrelated to her known list of personal achievements.

She is not notorious for simply being about having a myriad of material possessions; her character far surpasses the need to impress upon others with a revealing of monetary wealth. 

Instead, the very often frenzied response to the IT Girl is a result of her charisma, her background and her publicly pursued passions. 

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