Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New Course: The High Value Woman

What this course is about

For those of you who are struggling to come to terms with awakening your own feminine high value energy, this is the course that will help you to unlock your own source of personal power. 

This course will walk you through the qualities that you need to develop and to encourage your own empowerment and prestige. 

It will teach you what it is exactly that makes a high value woman, and precisely why you should want to become a woman of worth ~ entirely within your own right.

When you complete this course, you will know how to gain the confidence and self~esteem that are the necessary catalysts for driving you forward to the success that is yours to enjoy. 

You will have a greater understanding of how to attract high value men ~ and you will receive an appreciation for the guidelines that all women of worth incorporate into their daily routine which helps to make them exceptional women within society.

In short, you will know by the conclusion of this course how you, too, can become a special and unique high value woman.

A snippet from the course...

A high value woman is easily identifiable from other women ~ from her self~evident merit and substance ~ and the presence that she creates when she enters a particular space. 

It is often remarked that in a room where people have congregated for a social setting or for any other particular event, that the appearance of a high value woman is immediately evident due to the noticeable shift in energy that occurs upon her arrival.

The high value woman commands attention without the need for fanfare or following. 

This in itself adds to the fascination of her character ~ as those in her company for the first time strive to fathom what it is about her to which they are being magnetically drawn.

For females, this woman is someone from whom they feel they can learn, and someone from whom they feel encouraged to look within themselves to discover their own special significance as a woman of worth. 

This is a lady they desire to befriend ~ and who they could impress their acquaintances with by having her within their own circle of societal references.

For males, the high value woman borders on irresistibility. 

She silently beckons their awareness to her from which they cannot help but respond. 

She is someone who offers them a unique perspective on the dynamic interaction that should exist between them as man and woman based on respect and consideration. 

She is a woman who explicitly reminds them of the virtues that they should expect to be present within the ladies that they have chosen as their own partners for life...

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  1. Hello Melina, hope this finds you well. I would like to take this course but when i click on check-out, it says (Pre-Sales Release). What does this mean? Is this still the same course or?

  2. Hello, Jackline!

    Just ignore the Pre~Sale Release part.

    You can purchase the course, regardless.

    Melina Xx

  3. Hi, my name is Zenacia and I purchased this course and the Cleopatra course on the same day, but have not received any material from this course for some reason. It shows the transaction and deduction from both my card and paypal account but I have yet to receive anything. Please get back to me when you can as I have been patient in waiting to receive word of this course. I would really love to receive this course and I appreciate all of Cleopatra's Secrets as well. Thank you!


  4. Hello, Zenacia, lovely.

    I just resent you the course.

    Have a great day! :)


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