Friday, November 7, 2014

New Course Release: Black Femininity

A positive for every perception

Please allow me to introduce you to a very special kind of lady.

This lady receives repetitive write~ups in columns ~ yet seeks little attention. 

She is a woman criticized for her own expressiveness ~ yet she is a stalwart for others in speaking out against injustice. 

She is accused of being trapped as a statistic of single family living ~ yet she surpasses all other groups in tertiary school enrollment. 

She is dismissed as being difficult ~ yet she has the love and support of family and community. 

She is a woman who faces intense scrutiny on her appearance ~ yet she is known for her glow of everlasting youth. 

She is judged on her physical shape ~ yet she is universally embraced by men of all color and creed.

This is what makes this special lady so exceptional and distinctive.

For every personal opinion or unjust perception that has been commonly pointed toward her, this is a woman who has casually countered every criticism by simply being herself, and by having the confidence to know that her "picture" requires no change to her positive and prevailing personality. 

This special kind of lady is the feminine black woman, and she is one who lives by undeterred principle to be the best that she can be personally, and to give of her best to her family completely.

The purpose of this course

The purpose of this course is to open you to a specific type of femininity for which you may not have given much thought or with which you may not have shared much experience, and to elucidate black femininity as a very real element of wondrous and expressive womanhood. 

It is to endorse that feminine black women are more than simply a concept for misinformed media discussion and judgment, and it is to reveal the incredible beauty and vigor that these ladies possess as a natural characteristic. 

Finally, it is to encourage you to look upon these women as ideal and remarkable role models for those times in which you need to find your own sources of inner value and strength.

Table of Contents
A positive for every perception
The uniqueness of black femininity
Intrinsic identities
A mindset that matters
Clarity without coercion
Qualities of black femininity
Words are not enough
Beauty secrets of black femininity
Flawlessly feminine
Seduction secrets of black femininity
The ‘real’ advantage
Flirting with black femininity
Courting with charisma
Challenges to black femininity
Strong and stereotyped
Black femininity myths
The world’s eighth wonders
Lessons from black femininity
Owning your swagger

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