Friday, September 26, 2014

New Course: Understanding Men 101

Hello, cupcake!

This in~depth course is dedicated to the art of understanding men.

It is surprising how few women have a real understanding of men. 

Many women believe that they understand men ~ although the general opinion of their friends and family may be just the opposite. 

There is much misunderstanding between women and men.

Understanding of the opposite sex should be raised to a much higher level in relationships. It would then be accompanied by greater tolerance, happiness and success.

A lack of understanding is the cause of many of the worries, conflicts and struggles that we experience in relationships. 

It is difficult to have a sympathetic toleration for men ~ who think and act differently from us because they are different from us ~ if we can not understand them. 

A few favored women face such problems with tolerance and ease. They get along easily and happily with men and they understand their men thoroughly. 

All other women fall somewhere between these extremes.

The art of understanding men is not always a simple and easy matter ~ it is not covered by Cosmopolitan magazine. 

Many factors, conditions and situations between men and women create numerous attitudes, feelings and misunderstandings. It is our job as women to uncover these various aspects and to understand our men

... treally understand them.

What this course will do for you

This course will be an eye~opener for those of you who believe that you understand men.

It will reveal to you the many secret inner~workings of the male psyche.

It will show you how everything you thought you knew about men is likely to be inaccurate.

When you have finished reading "Understanding Men 101," you will know exactly how men think, how their minds work, and how to approach men and deal with them in the best possible ways.

You will determine why the "understanding woman" is the woman that every man wants ~ and in whom a man believes he has found everything he has ever wanted

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  1. Hi Melina,
    I just purchased my lifetime membership. I'm so excited! :-) I assume I need a code to access all of the fabulous material?!?!
    Thanks so much. Can't wait!

  2. Hello, dove!

    I have just send you access to the materials.

    Thank you, for your order!

    Melina xx

  3. Will Understanding Men 101 be a part of The Feminine Belle Academy? I have made 3/4 payments for the two year subscription. Have only received The Path To Femininity a few months ago. Thank you!

  4. Hi Danielle!

    No it will not be.

    As for the payments you have made, please email me at godsprincess318(delete this space) to choose your next courses. :)

    Melina Xx

  5. Dear Melina!
    I have purchased my life time membership, that means I can access this course alright? How could I access to this course ?
    Much thanks,

  6. Hi lovely.

    Of course you can.

    Please email me at godsprincess318@(delete this space) to give me your username so I can send the invite.

    Melina Xx

  7. So looking forward to taking this course and all of them, really. :) Thank you for sharing your wisdom! What is the current rate for lifetime membership? Thank you <3

  8. Hello Tiffany.

    The current rate for lifetime membership is $397 USD.

    Thank you for your interest.

    Melina Xx


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