Monday, September 22, 2014

New Course: French Femininity

What this course will do for you

This course will be an eye~opener for those of you who believe that in order to reveal the best of your femininity, you need to spend a significant portion of your personal time preparing, priming, touching and agonizing about your physical details prior to showing yourself within a public setting. 

It will reveal to you the secrets of the modern French woman ~ which are culturally inherent and which outsiders are agonizing over in order to find their own way to true femininity.

It will uncover how everything you thought you knew about the allure of the French women is likely to be inexact ~ unless you have an inside pass to the character of these mysterious ladies.

How to be captivating with genuine ease is the basis of French femininity, and this is the path that you will be taken on as you delve deeper into this remarkable journey. 

When you have finished reading this course, you will understand exactly why it is that French femininity is exceptional and distinctive, and what you can do to embrace this model of perfect mystique within your own daily presentation. 

A snippet from the course...

Some women have mysterious ways in their approach to femininity, a characteristic which has them labeled as sexy, smart, reckless, sensual and seductive. 

These women have an attitude about themselves that has other women wanting to copy them and has men falling over their feet to meet them. 

These women exude a confidence that screams "pure woman" ~ a mystique that dares you to approach them, and an allure that is unrivaled outside the style of their own distinct culture.

These are the modern and high value women of France, and these are the women who know how to embrace and project femininity without the fanfare in reaching their end result. 

These are the women who mystify onlookers with their individuality and ease with which they emanate feminine appeal...

Table of Contents
Femininity done differently
The French Woman's Mindset 
Checklists are not chic 
Self-Love is certain 
Qualities of French Femininity 
Traits and characteristics of French femininity 
The French Woman's Secrets of Mystique 
Maintaining the mystery 
French Culture in Courting 
Respecting the "no-rules" of romance 
"No-Dating" dating 
Maintaining her interest 
The French Woman's Secrets of Seduction 
The seduction lifestyle 
French Feminine Beauty Secrets 
The French woman's beauty philosophy
The complete package 
Clothing and wardrobe
The French Woman's Style Secrets
Parisian chic
Paragons of style
Les indispensables
The French Woman's Diet and Exercise Secrets
Why French women don't get fat
How French women eat
Lessons from French Femininity 
Finding your inner French woman 
The allure of self 
The French woman's character
The French woman's maxims
French Femininity Myths 
Femininity misconceptions 

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  1. Hello!

    Has this been released already? I would like to know since I haven't received an invitation for this and the Asian Femininity Secrets yet.

    I really enjoyed the Cleopatra's Secrets Course. The 'lessons' really have a different feel to it when they're based on a certain group people or culture and most especially on specific persons. My perspective on Cleopatra really changed and now, I do greatly admire her. I'm hoping the French Femininity Secrets has information about Ninon and other great and seductive courtesans and French women and I also hope the Asian Femininity Secrets delve deeper about the geishas. I've always been fascinated with their discipline and training and seductiveness!

    A million thanks!

  2. Hello, cupcake!

    This course is ready.

    If you are eligible to receive this, please email me at godsprincess318@(delete this space)

    Thank you, and have a nice day!


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