Thursday, September 11, 2014

New Course Release: Asian Femininity Secrets (Pre~Release Sale ~ Save $20!)

What this course will do for you

This course will open you to the allure that is Asian femininity. 

It will share with you the Asian woman's beauty, femininity and seduction secrets.

It will reveal how you can project that same quality into your life so that you can use it to enthrall masculine and high value men and have them falling over themselves to meet the real you. 

It will introduce you to the influence of Japanese geisha ~ who successfully pulled back the curtain on how to captivate men.

It will reveal how women in Asia today approach their relationships with their alpha males and Western men ~ to guarantee that harmony is ensured and that commitment is long term and lasting.

When you have finished reading this course, you will understand why Asian women are considered by many to be the most naturally seductive in the world.


You will know what you can do to emulate their position ~ becoming highly valued by men for your "Oriental Mystique" and innate personal and sensual appeal.

Some snippets from the course...

“I should give you a quick demonstration, but I’m not so sure…”

Akiko shuffled in her seat and turned to look around the café a little nervously.

I shook my head slightly and smiled to indicate that it was certainly not required.

I was thoroughly enjoying our chat about her younger sister’s career choice in Japan, and I did not wish it to be restricted by Akiko (not her real name) feeling embarrassed.

She looked back at me with raised eyebrows and what appeared to be a timid yet cheeky grin.

Akiko was normally quite reserved and what I consider to be controlled in her actions and expressions.

Since I had known her, I had quietly admired the effortlessness with which she seemed able to manage her emotions.

She leaned forward and hid a girlish giggle behind her hand.

Then with one deft movement Akiko stood upright and moved several feet away from her seat.

Completely poised once again, she then came back toward the table in what could be easily mistaken for a very graceful gliding motion.

Rather than gliding or sliding, however, I noticed that her steps were dainty, delicate and very feminine.

Akiko laughed. “Not as smooth as my sister.”

Lessons steeped in seductive tradition

To some, the Japanese geisha have the appearance of picture-perfect dolls.

For many educated and well-to-do men, however, they are symbols of ultimate mystery and desire - women with whom they are completely bewitched - and from whom they can never receive enough attention.

With their pale porcelain skin, daringly painted lips, elaborately styled hair, and stunning silk kimonos, the geisha of today uphold the influence instilled within the culture from those within the craft from bygone eras.

With an almost magical mixture of mystery and seduction, the allure of Asian femininity owes much of its beginnings to that of the Japanese geisha - women who dedicated themselves to years of training for the purpose of providing femininity, sensuality and ceremony to the alpha males of Japan.

However, the influence of the geisha is known and shared throughout the vastness of Asia and the world - for their legend in entertaining men - and captivating them in a way that separates them from regular women, past and present.

The foundations of the geisha presentation lies in its emphasis on femininity and art - and on making a man believe that he is of such importance to her that he is the center of her universe.

To achieve this, the geisha has mastered the art of feminine manners, etiquette and formality of performance...

 Table of Contents

An impromptu peek
A courting of cultures
Feminine allure of the Orient
Lessons steeped in seductive tradition
The Chinese cult of the "womanly woman"
Courtesans and concubines
She who deserves to be praised
Oriental Mystique
When less is more
The Geisha contribution
Let's throw a geisha party
Why Western men seek Asian women
Asian femininity secrets
Simply seductive
Secrets of sensuality
The yin to his yang
Asian etiquette
Asian virtue
The "Nine Upright Ones"
The "Three Pure Ones"
Onna Daigaku
The Pinay secret
Qualities of Asian femininity
Traits of Asian femininity
Cherry blossom sweetness
Her warrior spirit
Going Yin
Mindful living
Golden Kitten, Wise Flower, One Thousand Joys...
The subtle seduction
The teasing truth
The culture of courting
Conditions to commitment
The magic of marriage
The winning wife
The mindful wife
Asian feminine beauty secrets
Perfect poise
Skin care
Hair care
Beauty secrets of the geisha
Dietary considerations
Asian weight loss secrets
Asian femininity myths
Sleeping with stereotypes
The allure of you

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