Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Feminine Goddess Handbook

New course...

What is a feminine goddess?

A feminine goddess is a fully developed and self~realized woman ~ who captivates, charms and holds others captive by beauty or mesmerization.

She is an fascinating, unforgettable and unditchable woman!  Played like the fine chords of a harp, no man is immune to her!

What this handbook will do for you

This handbook will teach you everything you need to know on becoming a goddess. It is about playing the game of life by the "goddess rules" ~ and carrying it all off with mystere and aplomb. 

It will help you to understand your own creative force as a woman. 

It will reveal why you are a vibrant, beautiful woman who is worthy of inner peace, and of knowing and accepting yourself.

It will show you why you no longer need to hold on to negative experiences of the past.

It will show you how the engagement with your inner goddess will help you to release destructive patterns, use your mind as your thought navigator, believe in your abilities, and expect the best with all personal and professional encounters.

When you have finished reading this information, you will appreciate that only when you value and truly believe in your true worth, confidence, and beauty without fear or concern will you become "connected" and awaken your goddess and personal power.

Table of Contents
Pedestals, podiums and… goddesses?.. 6
What this handbook will do for you.. 8
Exploring your inner goddess
Defining the original goddess.. 9
Defining your inner goddess.. 10
The goddess mindset. 12
The mindset of the goddess.. 12
How to achieve the goddess mindset. 13
Qualities of a goddess. 16
The traits of a goddess.. 16
The goddess principles.. 17
The modern goddess. 20
How to unleash your inner goddess.. 20
Benefits of being a modern goddess.. 22
How not to be a goddess. 24
The goddess challenge ~ the modern world.. 24
The goddess challenge ~ accepting personal power.. 25
Your inner goddess and modern men.. 27
The goddess attraction.. 27
It is about being "you" first. 28
Goddess and Commitment to Self 29
Personal development. 29
Confidence.. 31
Spirituality.. 33
Natural health and beauty.. 36
Conclusion.. 38


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  1. Hello. :) I was wondering if any of your products, such as "The Feminine Goddess Handbook", will be coming out in print?

  2. Melina,

    Is there a link for just the course? It sounds rather exciting! Coming soon??!!! Oh boy!!


  3. Hello Anon!

    I would really like to release some products in print eventually. :)

    @surfercajun: Stay tuned, lovely. It should be ready in a few weeks. I will then add the PayPal button for those who want to purchase it singularly. :)


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