Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Feminine Belle Academy

See the sales page for The Feminine Belle Academy here


1. 6 months enrollment in The Feminine Belle Academy

2. Course: "The Path To Femininity ~ How To Be Feminine And Ladylike (And Attract High Value Men)" here  

3. Course: "The Art Of Courtesanry: Courtesan Arts" here  

4. Course: "The Feminine Goddess Handbook" here  

5. Course: "Cleopatra's Secrets" here 

6. Course: "Asian Femininity" here  

7. Course: "French Femininity." 

8. "Black Femininity." 

9. Course: "Charm warfare." 

10. Course: "The Art And Power Of Mystique." 

11. Course: "Masculine & Feminine Dynamics." 

12. Course: "Secrets To Being The Woman Who Men Adore." 

13. Course: "Bedroom satisfaction secrets." 

14. Course: "How To Make A Man Fall In Love With You In Minutes." 

15. Course: "Seduction Secrets Of A Coquette." 

16. Course: "The Art Of Beautification For Seductresses." 

17: Course: "The Art Of Being A Modern Siren." 

18. Course: How To Talk To Men." 

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One Time Payment of $197

Or Choose: 

The Feminine Belle Academy Installment Plan (3 monthly payments of $75 USD


  1. Hi Melina!

    May I know until when this limited offer would end? I would love to purchase this at the given price above so I'd like to know when the offer would end so I can see if I can save up for it and 'meet the deadline' hehe :)

    I really find your courses inspiring. I'm still a college student and although I am very career oriented, I never want to lose my femininity and I have been practicing some of the advice from your site and it's been very helpful. I can feel a transformation little by little :) I used to wish that I were a man but now, I feel really blessed being a woman! :)

    Thanks Melina

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  3. Hi Melina,
    I purchased the course last month when it was 98.00 for 2 years. Will I be getting all this extra stuff too since I paid twice whats being charged now? Also as Shailah stated above I too have been having problems getting into some courses that I already paid for.I love your work but would love to be able to keep getting what I have already paid for.

  4. Hello Melina,
    I have a few questions about The Feminine Belle Academy. Is there any advice for women who don't want to engage in pre-martial sex, but would still like to attract a husband in the future? Also, you've mentioned previously that 21 or above is a good age to marry. I'm about to be 19 in 3 months. Would this be suitable toward my age?
    Thank You

  5. Hi lovelies!

    @Anonymous who asked when this limited offer would end, That is hard to say at the moment. I am playing it by ear really, and this offer could be removed or changed at any time to more reflect the true value of the information and content.

    @Shailah Jade. The blogger platform was causing issues with the courses. So I did move them all to WordPress and I re~sent the invitations to you, which I see you received.

    I am glad to see you are now in.

    Thank you for your kind words about my blogs and courses. :)

    @Lovely LeBlanc, I will be doing a lesson on that very subject in the near future. There is wisdom in no engaging in pre~marital sex, that is for sure. :)

    As a Christian I do not believe in sex before marriage, but not every woman who chooses not to have sex before marriage is religious like me.

    You are heading into the marriageable age. Between 21~25 yrs old is best in my books... IF you have taken marriage preparation measures.

    Those will be in the academy. :)

    Melina Xx

  6. Ladies, My name is Jeannie.I want to let you know I paid TWICE the price this is listed for. Even at twice the price it was well worth the cost. Melina is an AMAZING teacher.I used to feel so down on myself. I had ZERO self esteem. Melina teaches us that we CAN be more we have this light in us that we should nurture.She covers everything about what it means to be a wife,lover,mother a charming lady etc. Her materials have literally changed my life. This has been one of the best investments I have ever made for me as well as my family.

    1. That is lovely of you to share, Jeannie.

      Thank you.

      Melina xx

  7. I've just ordered the Feminine Belle Academy package. I'm really excited about the program.


  8. I'm confused about the Feminine Belle Academy. Isn't it the same as this blog? What will happen to the Feminine Belle blog if this is not the case? Or are they two different things? And if they are different, which one is better for girls who want to be chaste while single?


  9. Hi anon.

    The Feminine Belle Academy has the same lessons as you see on this blog, but additional lessons that you do not see on this blog.

    As a Christian, I also do not promote sex before marriage.

    I hope this answers your questions!

    Melina Xx

  10. Hi. I just purchased the course and am very excited about it. However, could you help me understand the process to retrieve the materials.? Sorry, but I am not very adept with using the blog! I hope you would understand. Thanks in advance.

  11. Hi anon!

    I just sent you the invite to the course.

    Enjoy! :)

    1. Hi Melina. I would like to ask if the email address is correct? How can I verify this? Since I have not received the email you sent. Would appreciate your help cause I'm excited to read your books. Thanks.

    2. Hi lovely.

      Please email, me at godsprincess318@(delete this space) i will help you sort out the problem.

      Thank you. :)

  12. I have purchased this package a few nights ago but I haven't gotten any access for the material.


    1. Hello, dove.

      Please send an email to godsprincess318@(delete this space)

    2. I sent the email! I can't wait! :D

    3. Hello, again. I have checked my mail and nothing. Can you try re-sending it?

  13. I love this information Melina!! I agree with Lynna. This is a fantastic investment and fantastic value and you are an amazing teacher and a sage of femininity. There is so much to peruse on the academy's site!! Thank you for everything you offer!!

  14. Hi,
    I just ordered your Feminine Belle Academy and subscribed to the Feminine Rose and was wondering if you can give me specific delivery information.

    Thank you,

  15. @ Anna B: I am flattered by your kind words. Thank you for leaving a testimony. :) I am delighted you love the information.

    @ Anon: I sent your invitations to your Paypal email. Thank you for your order, dove. Enjoy! :)

  16. This is my first comment here. I want to say I truly enjoy reading through your blog posts and the courses I've purchased. Your work is the best in its field. Keep up the good work.

  17. Hi dear Melina,

    I have purchased this offer via Paypal today, Do I get it through shipping or would you be sending me a password to log in and access ?

    thank you

  18. @ Sian: Thank you for your kind words about my work. I am pleased to know you are enjoying them. :)

    @ Anonymous: I have just sent everyone's invitations to the courses. Enjoy! :)

  19. I just ordered your program. I've been impressed by your blog posts - I can't wait to explore the rest of your content. Thanks!

  20. I have just purchased this course. When can I expect to start taking it? I'm very excited!

  21. Hello Melina,
    I have been enrolled for a few months. How do we access the courses that weren't yet available at that time such as Asian femininity and French femininity. Should I send you an email?

  22. Hello, I am soooo amazed to have found your site...and academy. There is nothing like this and it promises all that I am looking for. Thank you in advance for your gift in sharing this hidden art and helping us wallflowers bloom...I'm so excited to start.
    Many Many Blessings!

  23. Seeking bliss, please do send me an email and I will get them to you.

    Melina Xx

  24. Hi melina,

    Does this package include the books on the seductive women website?

  25. Hello arstey walker!

    Most of them are included in the package. You can find the titles on the list.

    Thank you, for your interest!

    Melina Xx

  26. Hello kind Melina! :) <3

    I just ordered the feminine belle academy and sent an email to you regarding using the wrong email to order it. I would appreciate any help you can send my way.

    Hugs and sending blessings and happy wishes your way!

  27. Hello, lovely!

    I took note of that. :)

    Thank you, for your order!

    Melina Xx

    1. It is a pleasure! I can't wait to get started! <3

  28. Hello dear melina
    I have two questions about this course
    First I want to know is there the program ' understanding men 101 ' in this course? Or a program like this that deeply focuses on men? I checked the list but didnt find this title.

    And the second one is about the after payment. How we access the program? I ask this because I want to purchase the course by a company and I want to be sure that there wont be any problem if they want send this for me.
    Thank you a lot

  29. Hello, anonymous.

    The course "Understanding Men 101," and any courses not listed on this page, are not included as part of the academy.

    As for accessing the materials, as soon as I see your payment notification in my email, I send to your PayPal email the invitation to the courses.

    Thank you for your interest and happy New Year!

  30. hello melina
    what is '1. two year enrollment in the feminine belle academy' ?
    is it what you have mentioned here?
    and so with this purchase, we can read this blog (the feminine belle) full articles, too?

  31. Hi lovely.

    The two year enrollment is two year's worth of access to the FULL articles I publish on this blog.

    Thank you, for your interest!

    Melina Xx

  32. Hello Ms. Melina,

    I just bought this and other delicious courses you offered. I feel so inspired to embrace deeper in my femininity. I cannot wait to learn and grow as a feminine woman. I am so excited to read them... something just for me. :)


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