Friday, June 6, 2014

New Course: The Art Of Coutesanry: Courtesan Arts


Good evening, my feminine charmer!

This is an in~depth guide that will encourage you to play the courtesan with your husband ~ with my irresistible secrets of the art of courtesanry!

In many countries in the past the career of the courtesan was one in which a brilliant girl without means could aspire to a personal success to which practically no virtuous woman could attain. 

She could become the mistress of kings and of great statesmen. She could and did hold in her hands the destiny of nations.  

She was a woman educated to attract.

A woman could be a courtesan by temperament and self~training and rise by the courtesan's arts to be one of the great ladies of history.

The courtesan of history ~ like Tullia D’Aragona, Veronica Franco and Ninon de Lenclos ~  was respected and admired as a person, and courted not only for her body, but for her influence and her social gifts and the prestige she could confer on the man she accepted as a lover. 

It was through cultivation of personality and feminine beauty, and of love and seduction as a social art and a personal experience, that the courtesan was able to deliver herself from the degradation of the profession in which she started. 

The historical courtesans embraced the seductress archetype: a gorgeous hybrid personality and combination of feminine qualities that men like best.

It is not necessary to transgress certain moral customs to be a "courtesan" or a "seductress." It is only role~playing, and these terms may accurately be applied to the monogamous, married women with irreproachable morals.

Indeed, there are devoted wives who fit the courtesan archetype ~ always charming, always bewitching and always stimulating and comforting their husbands.

There are faithful girlfriends who are "seductresses" ~ always fascinating, always uber~feminine and always enchanting and captivating their boyfriends.

The moral types are the types of courtesans and seductresses I base this system on.

 A snippet from the course...


Once upon a time…

There was a woman who lived a charmed and idyllic lifestyle. Her existence however, was not borne from a dream or from a fairytale. 

There were no mad hatters, yet there were plenty of suitors; no over-sized tea cups, though plenty of parties; and no white rabbits. 

Still she had the kind of prosperity and success that comes all too easily to one who carefully plans her every move and controls the outcomes of her future.

This woman was not alone. She was part of a society, though she did not belong to any group or movement. 

This woman did as she pleased when she was taken by the mood - simply because she was enabled by her position…

Her position as a well-to-do lady was desired by the circles of the elite.

Her physical position in satisfying masculine longings was on a scale so magnetic that she was readily talked about, but not so eagerly shared.

Coveted for her intrigue, she was a woman who held more than mere appeal. 

This was a woman who "owned" her audience - not in a literal sense - but in a way that captivated them to want her more. 

Her audiences were the men of influence - powerful, prestigious, wealthy and passionate.

“This woman was, quite literally, irresistible to high value men."

This exciting new course will be covering:

* The character of the traditional courtesan ~ man attention and attraction expert

* Unleashing your inner courtesan ~ becoming an extraordinarily desirable woman

* Seductive style

* The courtesan's lifestyle ~ her image, environment, hobbies, accomplishments, social arts...

* Understanding men

* Attracting a man emotionally

* Creating a deep emotional connection with your man

* Nero linguistic strategies to facilitate bonding with a man

* How to conquer a man's mind

* What to say to a man to increase his level of attraction for you

* Powerful attraction triggers ~ physical, mental and emotional

* Change in "feelings" dynamics ~ between dating, courtship and marriage

* Marriage in the modern world ~ and the influences that threaten it

* Keeping your marriage fresh

*The courtesan's sensuality secrets

*How to become your man's sensual siren and temptress

* Working your man up ~ playing the flirt, coquette and seductress

* Making your man feel good ~ the dynamics of touch

* The ultimate giving ~facilitating sexual rapture

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  1. Is this new information or is it from the blog I already subscribed too?I already have purchased many of your online courses and ebooks.I just dont want to buy the same material that I already have.Thanks for any info.

  2. Hello lovely!

    This is brand new, never released content.

    Thank you for your interest. :)

    Melina Xx

  3. I recently purchased your product. How can I access it?

  4. Dear anonymous.

    You will get access to the course in about a week from when I posted this page.

    I have all the ladies' names on file who purchased. :)

    Thank you for your interest!

  5. Hi Melina!

    Can I purchase without any paypal account?

    Thanks! I TRULY LOVE YOUR SITES and now, I have finally decided to take the first steps to learn about femininity by buying some of your courses :) You have truly inspired me to love and appreciate the fact that I am a woman--so fearfully and WONDERFULLY madr by God :)

  6. Hello anon!

    Thank YOU for your kind and encouraging words about my blogs!

    Yes. You can check out using the PayPal button without a PayPal account. :)

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