Sunday, May 11, 2014

New Course: The Path To Femininity ~ How To Be An Uber~Feminine And Ladylike Woman (And Attract High Value Men)

 Hi, my feminine lovely! 

May I introduce to you my most popular course: "The Path To Femininity ~ How To Be An Uber~Feminine And Ladylike Woman (And Attract High Value Men.)"  

I know you will love it!

Many of my readers are aspiring to turn themselves into uber~feminine, ladylike and high value women ~ in order to reach their fullest potential as women ~ and succeeding beautifully at the task. 

Nothing makes my day more than receiving an email from a reader informing me of how my blogs and/or courses have helped her in achieving happiness and success in her personal life, and in becoming a more desirable and womanly woman!

Many ladies have written to me for advice on how to become what I often refer to as an "uber~feminine" woman and how to attract high value men and prestigious alpha males. 

My readers are aware that there are certain steps a woman can take to enhance not only her image and status in society, but her perceived value as a woman and as a prospect in the marriage market.  

This course has been created for you to do exactly that, dove, and for all of my readers who have these particular goals in mind. *Smile*

Becoming an uber~feminine, ladylike and high value woman ~ in order to be the very best version of yourself and attract a high value man for marriage (or to keep a high value husband in love with you) is an art!  

It is rather like creating a sculpture of your own design or social climbing. *Smile* 
Here is the course a glance... 

Table of Contents

Introduction... 9

Fantasy to fact, mediocre to majestic
Why you are reading this course
What this course will do for you
What this course will not do for you

Finding femininity.. 13

You are a woman
Defining femininity
The feminine mindset
How to be more feminine
How to feel more feminine
How to look more feminine.. 21

Attracting your alpha male.. 23

Traits of the alpha male
Attracting and connecting with your own high value man
Mistaken intent
The desires of the alpha male
How to captivate your high value man
How to keep your high value husband attracted to you and in love with you.. 32

Case Study. 35

Is it OK to be a "high maintenance" woman on the path to femininity?.. 35

How to be ladylike.. 40

Ladylike behavior
Ladylike manners
Ladylike etiquette
The mindset of an uber~feminine lady .. 42

Benefits of being feminine and ladylike.. 46

Common misconceptions about femininity.. 49

Modern challenges to being feminine and ladylike.. 52

The path to femininity.. 55

Are ladies born or cultivated?
Things young ladies should know... 57

Finishing school for refined femininity.. 61


A snippet from the course "The Path To Femininity ~ How To Be An Uber~Feminine And Ladylike Woman (And Attract High Value Men.)"...


The words of my ever~loving grandmother echo in my ears even today: “A lady does not “grab” the whole hand to shake it. Rather, she politely extends her hand and gently holds the other person’s hand with her fingers.

At no time should you shake a person’s hand, but instead provide an acknowledging, but minimal squeeze.”

I smile even today whenever I recall the pride with which my grandmother spoke the words.It was something that she had been taught at “finishing school,” and was something that had no doubt been passed down the line from the ladies in the family.

My grandmother smiled, appreciative that she could pass on the knowledge of a period that accepted and expected ladies to act accordingly, and to be feminine and ladylike as they went about their business.

I now pass that knowledge onto you...



You hesitate briefly in the doorway entrance to the decorated room. Your gentleman partner for the occasion looks at you with appreciation and approval. You glance casually around the room, your poise apparent.

You catch the eye of another guest, a woman loudly engaged in conversation with a small group of distinguished looking men in suits. You offer her a polite yet confident smile. 

She awkwardly returns the gesture and stares at you, seeming to momentarily forget her place in the scene in which those around her appear bored with her manner.

You feel calm and relaxed, and you make your entrance into the line of sight of other guests.

Heads turn toward you.

Men fixate their attention on you, but this is now a normal occurrence. 

You are used to the interest and admiration that naturally finds its way to you from both friends and strangers.

The room is yours to own, and you know how to effortlessly work it.

Your presence attracts regard and more than a hint of curiosity.

When in your company, you are someone that women secretly need to emulate and gentlemen openly desire to meet.

You have an air of feminine distinction, and a spirit of genuine and ladylike elegance.

You are a feminine, high value woman who is comfortable in any situation. 

You have the characteristics to capture your audience and command their admiration and respect...

Some of the things this course will do for you

This course will serve you. It will provide clarity to any woman on the path of femininity. 
It will inspire you to explore your abilities, to believe in yourself and to trust in a higher power. 
It will highlight your right to self~confidence, and it will encourage you to accept that you are a high value lady with everything to offer yourself and your loved ones. 
It will reveal the unique qualities that are feminine and ladylike, and it will inspire you to challenge and educate yourself to become and to live the brilliant and self~assured life of value that you deserve. 
It will show you how to be comfortable in your role as a sound, capable and desired woman for whom there is a definite purpose in family and society... 


One thing this course will not do for you

This course will not lie to you and suggest trickery that you can cheat your way to being feminine, and it will not infer that you can become ladylike in an instant without allowing for the proper attention to detail or without the correct instruction... 

Attracting and connecting with your alpha male

One of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself as a feminine and high value woman is to allow yourself to attract your own high value man - or "alpha male"

This is an area of focus that not only arouses a great level of interest with women, but one which serves as a source of apprehension and misunderstanding amongst numerous women.

Many women feel uncertain about how a strong male figure will respond to their ladylike characteristics, which comes from the misconception that dominant men prefer to be with females who reflect the male persona.

This view is unfortunate because it means that if you think like this, then you may be retreating from a position in which your perfect male complement could otherwise easily connect with you.

If you have a man of interest in your life, but hold back on allowing mutual feelings to be explored based on ill-conceived beliefs, then you risk letting him slip through your fingers, which then encourages him to seek a partnership elsewhere.

How then, do you attract your perfect high value man with confidence, and how do you hold onto him to secure the relationship strongly enough so that he eagerly desires to become your husband?

First, you need to recognize exactly what it is that defines a man as an “alpha male.”

When you understand the traits of your high value man and alpha male, then you will appreciate why it is that these men are attracted in particular to the feminine and ladylike woman...  



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  1. Hi Melina! If I purchase a subscription to your new blog "The Feminine Belle," which I love, will I also have access to articles on your other blog (which I already subscribe to) "The Art of Being a Feminine Woman. There are articles on there that I would love to read too. I can only afford to pay for a membership to one of your blogs, I want to pick the right one for me.

    Thanks for the work that you do. Your teaching has validated the feminine woman in me and your beautifully written articles are a joy to read.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Can't wait for the next post! :-)

  3. Hi Melanie!

    It is so nice to hear that you love my blogs! It is very encouraging for me to get nice feedback. Thank you, for being a part of my loyal readership. :)

    It is up to you which blogs you choose to subscribe to. You are very welcome to subscribe to one or both.

    Melina Xx

  4. Hi Melina,

    I have enjoyed your blogs to the point I would love to partner with you. Are you interested in being a guest on my future teleclass and or my new web show Super-Size Your Happiness all about Love, Power & Sex?....You can check me out at How do I take your new course? I know that as an urban woman we can be a little rough around the edges and I have learned tremendously from your wisdom and gift.



  5. Thank you, Jaiela! I hope you will always find my blog helpful.

    Melina Xx

  6. Hello, Nekisha~Michelle!

    How lovely you enjoy my blogs to that extent!

    However, I am not in the US and am more of a quiet introvert than a bubbly extrovert like you probably are, lovely. So I do not think TV is for me. I even got asked to go on a reality TV show last year because of my blogs and declined!

    But your website looks so interesting and beneficial! I have always been interested in matchmaking and I love the theme. :)

    I am about to put on a contact form on my blog so feel free to contact me when it is up.

    Melina Xx

    1. Awww okay well I guess I will continue to learn as much as I can from you and take it back to my clients. Thank you for the compliments and just for you is the matchmaking site...It will be launched fully in July.

      Thank you for being so gracious.

    2. How exciting for you, Nekisha-Michelle. I wish you all the very best with it!

      Come back and visit again :)


  7. Hi Melina,

    I am interested in this course but am curious as to what makes it a course as opposed to an article? Thanks for the information.


  8. Hi Pamela!

    This course is over 100 pages worth of information.

    I know you will be happy with it. :)

    Melina Xx

  9. This course looks wonderful. I'm sure it will be as good as all your work and other courses! Excited to read it!


  10. Thank you, for the lovely compliment, Patricia!

    Hugs. :)

    Melina Xx

  11. I'm confused. If I buy it now for this price, do I get it right now or do I wait for it next week? Is it like a limited recent or something?

  12. Dear anonymous.

    You will get access to the course in a week from when I posted this page.

    I have all the ladies' names on file who purchased. :)

    Thank you for your interest!

  13. Can't wait Melina!

  14. Hello Melina, I recently purchased the pre-release yesterday and I'm so excited. I love your coures and I know that this course will be just as amazing!!! :-)

  15. Thank you, for your kind words about my courses, Deneatha. I really appreciate it. :)

    Have a great weekend!

    Melina Xx

  16. Dear Melina, ~~

    I just pre-purchased this course today, and I am *very* excited to read it! Your articles and writings have been incredibly influential to me, and I am so grateful. Thank you for being both a lovely and powerful inspiration in my life, Melina. May God bless you deeply <3 ~~

    Much love,
    ~ Kristen

  17. Awww. Thank YOU, Kristen, for your sweet words and blessings.

    God bless you, too, sweetie <3 :)

  18. Melina,
    Your blog and teachings have been invaluable to me. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and grace.


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